10 Best Gaming Mouses Under 1000 In India

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Best Gaming Mouses Under 1000, Hello Dear Reader’s In this article you will check it out about best gaming mouses in india 2022, A good gaming mouse doe’s not necessarily make you any more skilled, but it dos give your skill a chamce to shine through. Using this guide, the best gaming mouse in one that fells right for your grip and offers Decent performance with your favorite games.

Best Gaming Mouses Under 1000
Best Gaming Mouses Under 1000

The best gaming mouse will also have a high polling rate smooth cursor movements and to track quick flicks. its important to remember that mice are not one size fits all, and you’ll want to choose the best gaming mouse for your needs. having a great mouse that’s comfortable in your hand is the way to ensure you’re playing at your peak.

Best Gaming Mouses Under 1000

Are you confused about which gaming mouse to buy under Rs1000? Here you can get to know some of the best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees you can consider buying.

To know more about the best gaming mouse under 1000, keep reading!

1. Redgear A-20

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The Redgear A-20 is a great gaming mouse under 1000 RS in India. with a powerful Avago 3050 sensor, a comfortable design and an unlimited RGB customization option. It has fully plastic construction, which is, in fact, the standard for most budget gaming peripherals.

On the advanced side, the A-20 comes with an Avago 3050 gaming-grade sensor that offers great sensitivity, which is best for competitive gaming like CS: GO, PUBG, COD, etc. Another best part is that it offers you a wide range of DPI settings – 200 to 4000DPI, which you can easily change by software or you will also have a dedicated button for that. It also has six programmable, which can be customized using Redgear gaming software

2. Redragon Centrophorus M601

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Redragon M601 Centrophorus Backlit Gaming Mouse has an ergonomic design with a resolution of 3200 DPI and 15G ACC super-fast game engine. It has five programmable buttons and LED colour options.

It is among the best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees that you can plan to buy. The cartridge clip is present on the bottom of the mouse; which helps you to adjust the weight of the mouse to your taste by placing the lead weights accordingly.

he mouse comes with 3 extra buttons and 8 piece weights setup to adjust the weight of the mouse according to your comfort and need. The DPI levels are 1000, 1600 and 2000. Other features include 4000 FPS and 15G ACC. The Red LED backlight looks just amazing on this gaming mouse. A very good gaming mouse with great features

3. Ant Esports GM500

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Experience hard-hitting performance with the Ant Esports GM500 RGB Gaming Mouse a lean ultra-lightweight mouse build to be ergonomically perfect and technically complete in every way. Equipped with an Avago ADNS 3050 Sensor that’s rated at a dynamic range of 500 to 4000 DPI the mouse is suitable for those quick mouse flicks and tight sniper shots alike.

The durable HUANO mouse switches are good to go for a 10 million clicks lifespan and an ergonomically designed shell makes it comfortable and perfect for a variety of grip types and palm sizes. With 6 RGB Backlit areas and the goto DPI switch button, the GM500 is your perfect companion for every game and every playstyle possible.

The Esports Ready features that will make a dominating force on your game of choice, With High DPI customisation 500/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000 to make you ready for the AR/Sniper fights, 60 IPS tracking speed for high speed flicks/aiming in FPS games, Maximum polling rate of 1000Hz operating on 1ms delay for no input lag

4. Xmate Zorro

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The Xamte Zorro promisesd stable conncetivity and smooth tracking. This gaming mouse also brings with it 4 different DPI settings . the Xmte Zorro is made up of ABS platic, an anti-skid scroll wheel, and lather collar.4 DPI Levels – Four color RGB breathing light cycle replacement. 4-type DPI rating controlled by touching the DPI button: red 1200DPI, blue 1600DPI, green 1600DPI & purple 3200DPI.

Tough Built – Xmate Zorro wired USB gaming mouse is constructed of ABS plastic, leather collar, and rubber finish with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that stand up to tough gaming needs.6 Buttons Are Programmable – Support macro editing, 6 mouse buttons can be programmed by installing software which makes the mouse more intelligent and meets more demands for different games.

5. Lenovo Legion M200

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The Lenovo Legion M200 RGB Gaming Mouse is designed for the beginners and amateur PC gamers. With a comfortable ambidextrous design, it is affordable but offers uncompromising functionality and performance. The Legion M200 features a 5-button design, up to 2400 DPI with 4 levels DPI switch, 7-colour circulating-backlight and a braided cable.

It is easy to use and set up without any extra complicated software. Adjustable 4 level DPI setting; 500 fps frame rate; 30 inches per second maximum movement speed; 7-colour circulating-backlight.

Best Gaming Mouses Under 1000 ( F&Q )

Q 1. What is the #1 gaming mouse?

Ans : The best wireless gaming mouse is Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed. It’s the most well-rounded choice if you want comfort, a long-lasting battery, and the best selection and arrangement of buttons. But if you want some alternatives, there are some new, solid contenders below that offer different designs and features.

Q 2. Which red gear mouse is best?

Ans : The Redgear A-15 Gaming Mouse is the best budget gaming mouse in India. It offers maximum personalization with its software. Designed with a semi honeycomb structure, the mouse offers the gamers a better grip.

Q 4. Is Razer a good brand?

Ans :  Razer products are better known for their looks. Unlike other popular gaming brands, Razer has its own thing going on. They have a very specific branding and unique aesthetic. Their products are recognized not only by the logo but also by their clean and simple designs.

Q 5. Is Logitech better than Razer?

Ans : Both are awesome, but it’s fairly obvious the logitech keyboard is the better product in terms of quality. Razer products are made to break shortly after the warranty ends.

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