How to Share an Application via Bluetooth in  Android

How to Share an Application Bluetooth in an Android device 

You can effortlessly share apps using Bluetooth v4.0, v4.2, or even the newest version v5.0, regardless of whether your Android phone is using Bluetooth v4.0, v4.2, or even the latest version v5.0. To do so, simply follow these simple instructions,

#1. Install Bluetooth App Sharer / App Sender.

#2. Before using the app, make sure that both the transmitting and receiving devices have their bluetooth turned on. The receiving device should be discovered first, if it isn’t, it must be made accessible in the bluetooth settings so that the transmitting device can detect it. You’ll see the complete list of applications on your android phone after you launch the app, and then choose the app you want to use.

#3. You’ll see the complete list of applications on your android phone after you launch the app, and then select the app that you want to share.

#4. After you’ve picked the app, go to SEND/SHARE and then Bluetooth.

#5. After that, you’ll select the device to which you wish to transmit it. The receiver will be presented with a request that he or she must accept. The device will begin downloading the app after the request is accepted. After the download is complete, the programme may be installed immediately from the notification window or via ‘Downloads’ in File Manager.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to sending applications through Bluetooth.

How to Share Application via Bluetooth in Windows 

Below are the instructions to be followed for the successful transfer of apps or any other file from your windows with the aid of Bluetooth. 

1. Make sure that your PC and the device which you are willing to share are turned their Bluetooth “on” and the device is paired and is all ready to receive the application. 

2. On your screen, select “start”, further type settings. 

3. There you can select “Send or Receive files via Bluetooth”. 

4. In Bluetooth File Share, choose “send files”, and next choose the device you wanted to share to.

5. To share the chosen file, select “Browse”, Open, and next (which completes the steps) and Done!.

And don’t forget to inform the receiver to accept the file from your device.


Here we conclude, hope you found what you bought for. Sharing via Bluetooth is the easiest and way friendly process through which any application and any other files can be shared off. Hope you found this article helpful. If yes! Do our page marked and if you have any doubts or queries let us know in the comment section below and we’ll definitely get to that as soon as possible. 

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