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Crypto is a trending topic in 2021. Indian People are showing interest in crypto like never before. This year many people came to know about cryptocurrency. And some of them even invested in cryptocurrency.

WazirX is the one of the most popular crypto exchange platform in India.

Many people have chosen WazirX to buy cryptocurrencies in India. The number of users is growing rapidly.

As it is a trending topic and people are still confused about how to invest in crypto. I am writing a detailed guide abo

There are no WazirX registration charges at all. You don’t need to pay anything to sign up. You can sign up with just an email and a mobile number. Just follow the steps to register.

#Step 1: First of all, visit the WazirX registration page. Enter your details then enter WazirX referral code – zgfkr9jw, you will get a 50% trade fee dis

#Step 2: Tap on Signup Now and enter your mobile number, email address, and referral code.

#Step 3: Now accept the Terms and Service. 

#Step 4: Tap on the blue signup button.

#Step 5: Now you will receive a verification mail in your mailbox. Simply verify the mail.

#Step 6: Then you need to set up two-factor authentication. Just enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP.

Congratulations! You have completed the WazirX account opening process.

Make sure you complete the registration process through the website. After that download the app.

Now you need to complete KYC.

Let’s see how you can complete WazirX KYC verification.

  1. https://g.page/r/CTTnoYTeN6NQEAE
  2. https://posts.gle/K5kYxq
  3. http://git2.if.pw.edu.pl/u/vickykaushal
  4. https://dribbble.com/vickykaush
  5. https://hubpages.com/@vickykaushal2
  6. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/techyseva

WaxirX App Download

WazirX app is available on every platform. Yeah, you have read it right. You can download the app on Android, iOS, Windows, & Mac. To download the app, just head over to wazirx.com and scroll down to navigate the download button.

I have used the WazirX APK on Android, it works really well. The app is user and beginner friendly.

WazirX Features

WazirX is packed with a lot of awesome features You should the features before using it. Let’s see some of the features.

  1. Deposit and Withdraw 24/7.
  2. Superfast KYC.
  3. 2FA (Two-factor authentication) security system.
  4. Lighting Speed Transactions.
  5. Trade on the Go ( Web, Android, Mac, iOS, & Windows).
  6. Highest Referral Commission.
  7. Peer to Peer (P2P)transactions.
  8. Trade 100+ tokens.
  9. Multiple payment options are available like UPI, IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS.
  10. No hidden charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see the frequently asked questions.

How to earn money from WazirX without depositing anything?

You can earn money with the referral program.

How does the WazirX Referral code works?

If you use a referral code at the time of signing up, you will get a 50% discount on the trade fee. And When you share a referral with your friend and he/she register using your referral code. You get a 50% trade fee commission and the friend gets a 50% discount on the trade fee.

How much can I earn through the referral program?

The answer is you can make unlimited, yeah there’s no limit in earning through the program.

Can I have 2 WazirX accounts? 

No, one person can’t have two accounts. Don’t even try to do so because you have to do upload documents. They can easily catch you.

Is it safe to do KYC in WazirX?

WazirX is a very safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange. You can do KYC without any hesitation.

How to get WazirX Coupons for free?

Follow WazirX on Twitter and Telegram. Occasionally they share coupons and offers.

What is WRX?

WRX is a token created by WazirX themselves. According to WazirX, there will be a maximum of 1 Billion WRX coins ever created.

How to add referral code in WazirX after login?

At the time of signing up, you will be asked to enter a referral code.

Is there a minimum/maximum deposit limit?

The minimum deposit amount is Rs.100. There’s no maximum limit.

Is there a deposit fee?

No, there’s no fee for a deposit.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw in WazirX?

The WazirX minimum withdrawal is Rs.1,000.

Is a PAN card mandatory for WazirX?

Yes, you need a PAN card to verify KYC.

Disclaimer: I am not a Crypto expert. Invest your money at your own risk. Do your research before investing any money.


WazirX is the one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange app in India. You can trust this app without any worries.

This is a complete guide about WazirX referral. I hope now you will be able to use WazirX and earn money.  Make sure you enter the WazirX referral code at the time of signing up.

I have done a lot of research before writing this article. Share this post as much as you can.

Keep Investing and Keep Earning…

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